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Auguste Bonaz
Auguste Bonaz
ButterflyAntique Collection
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French Jet and Celluloid Mourning Hair Comb

Ref: AN-1104-032

The base material of this striking wedge shaped comb is of glossy black celluloid and is embellished with many small faceted stones of French jet. The jets form two borders in between is placed a meandering openwork pattern which resembles fine black lace.

It was probably worn by a lady who had entered second mourning, such as the sitter illustrated in the final picture. Victorian mourning etiquette was strict and required the bereaved to wear plain black with no ornaments for the first year. After this came  secondary mourning when ornaments might be introduced, so long as they were dark or black. French jet, a faceted form of black glass, was one of the most popular materials used for this purpose.

Size: 6 ins h x 3¼ ins w (approx cms 15 x 8 cms) 


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