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Auguste Bonaz
Auguste Bonaz
Design Ethnic Collection
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Vintage Japanese Silvertone Hair Comb

Ref: ET-0608-004

This pretty vintage Japanese hair comb or kushi is made in the Art Nouveau influenced western style and probably dates from the early 20th century. Japanese art was one of the major stylistic influences upon Art Nouveau.

The heading is in polished brass and silver and has the swirled organic lines which are typical of the style, as is the asymmetric design.

For more information on such ornaments and Japanese hairdressing see my guide on Japanese Kanzashi in the articles section.

Size: 3¾ x 2¾ ins (approx 9.5 x 6 cms)


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Vintage Chinese Silver Hairpin

Ref: ET-0808-005

This vintage Chinese silver comb of hairpin dates from the late 19th or early 20th century. The design features various lotus symbols which are raised up on stalks. The Lotus flower has been a popular symbol for hundreds of generations. It is one of the eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune.

The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, which rises unsullied through muddy water. It symbolises the persistence of purity and tenacity despite the difficulties of the immediate environment.

The final picture is an illustration of the kind of elaborate court headdress used in the 19th century of which such ornaments were often a constituent part.

Size: 3½ x 2¾ ins (approx 9 x 6 cms)


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Unusual Double X-shaped Hair Comb

Ref: ET-1108-013

I do not know anything certain about the country of origin of this intriguing dressing comb. It may be either Indian or Middle Eastern, as I have seen such combs in illustrations of ethnic jewellery and adornments.

It is made from two hand carved pieces of wood which have been hinged together so that they form an X shape which may be either opened out or closed flat. This feature is seen in the illustrations.

The workmanship appears to be comparatively modern and my guess would be Indian late 20th century.

Size: 3 x 2½ ins (approx 8 x 6 cms)


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