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Auguste Bonaz
Auguste Bonaz
FanSpanish Mantilla
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Vintage Blonde Celluloid Peacock Mantilla Comb

Ref: MA-1108-003

This is one of the most unusual mantilla combs I have seen. It is made in blonde translucent celluloid of a pale champagne colour and probably dates from the later 20th century.

The design takes the form of a peacock whose spreading tail forms the curved heading of the comb. The design is further embellished with gold coloured acrylic “jewels” which adorn both the outer and inner curve.

The final picture is taken from a contemporary coloured postcard of the same period and shows a model with a very large and high comb of similar period.

Size: 11 x 10 ins (approx 18 x 16 cms)
        Heading height 8 ins (20 cms)


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Large Faux Tortoiseshell Mantilla Comb

Ref: MA-0901-011

This large acrylic faux tortoiseshell effect mantilla comb or peinita dates from the later years of the 20th century.

It produces a wide curved silhouette of medium height when worn with the mantilla veil, as seen on the mannequin. It has an attractive scalloped profile and a conventional design of combined leaf and scrollwork motifs.

Size: 9 x 7 ins; (approx 13 x 18 cms)
         Heading height 6 ins; (15 cms)


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Traditional mantilla comb with orange satin balls

Ref: MA-0417-016

This attractive traditional mantilla style hair accessory or peineta has a metal comb base done in antiqued silver tone. It is decorated with satin balls in bright orange.

For more information on mantilla combs see my two guides in the ARTICLES section.

Size: 7½ ins h x 4 ins w (19 x 10 cms)


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