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Auguste Bonaz
Auguste Bonaz
BaublesVintage Collection
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Designer Faux Pearl and Rhinestone Barrette

Ref: VT-0808-013

This large and very beautiful barrette was hand made in France and is inscribed Made in France on the back of the spring clip closing. Is takes the form of a flower spray and has been hand assembled from a combination of gold tone leaves, frosted acrylics, faux pearls and rhinestones.

The barrette is made in a very elaborate and sumptuous decorative style known as neo Baroque.

Size: 4¼ x 2 ins (approx 11 x 5 cms)


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Pair Baroque Blue Rhinestone Hinged Combs

Ref: VT-0902-006

This is a pair of neo baroque side combs at their most elaborate and beautiful. They were probably made from the late 1950s onward. They werealmost certainly made in the USA, although they are not marked. They have a clear Lucite comb mount with split prongs and a hinged heading which rotates, and is typical of the decade.

The ornate floral design is made up of silver tone to represent a formalised arch. This is set with pear shaped blue frosted jewels surmounted by crowds of transparent blue rhinestones raised upon stalks. This combination of different shapes and types of rhinestones is one of the hallmarks of quality jewellery of this era.

The final illustration is taken from a contemporary ad in American Hairdresser 1960 and shows contemporary hair accessories in the elaborate Baroque style.

Size: 4 x 2¼ ins (approx 10 x 6 cms)


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