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Auguste Bonaz
Auguste Bonaz
FruitArt Deco Collection
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Green Faux Jade Chinese Influence Comb

Ref: AD-1201-022

Modern celluloid materials which truly came into their own in the early 20th century is that they permitted a whole new range of decorative effects. Apart from the traditional faux tortoiseshell effect combs could now be marbleised, or made to resemble mother of pearl, moiré, and so-on.

This lovely green marbleized hair comb shows some Chinese influence in the design of the heading. The taste for Chinese-influenced design (generally known as Chinoiserie) is shown in comb headings like this which reveal very distinctly the influence of the kinds of patterns used in Chinese lattice work. The Chinese have been using lattice designs to cover their windows for over 1,000 years. Elaborate pierced designs evolved which also appeared upon antique Chinese furniture.

The final illustration is taken from a fashion magazine and dates 1923.

Size: 6 ins h x 6 ins w (approx 15 x 15 cms)


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