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Auguste Bonaz
Auguste Bonaz
FruitArt Deco Collection
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Faux Tortoiseshell Asymmetric Design Comb

Ref: DE-1008-037

The development of Art Deco was marked by symmetry, geometric shapes, and general stylization of decorative motifs. One of the most obvious distinguishing features of classic Art Deco is the severity of its geometric lines and angles. This is because one of the strongest influences upon the movement was Cubism which is an art movement that stresses abstract forms and purity of design. Hair combs in this tall angular shape are often illustrated in contemporary art. One of the final two illustrations is of a coloured postcard where the sitter wears a similar tall narrow comb. The other shows a detail from a magazine advertisement with Spanish combs of similar angular shape.

This comb has been made in a faux tortoiseshell effect which is attractively two toned. By this period most of the hair accessories which appear to be made from genuine turtle shell are in fact manufactured from convincing celluloid substitutes.

Size: 8¼ x 4 ins (approx 21 x 10 cms)


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