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Auguste Bonaz
Auguste Bonaz
FruitArt Deco Collection
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Blue Rhinestone Fan Shaped Hair Comb

Ref: DE-1208-009

This is a very beautiful and elaborate Art Deco hair comb in the classic design of the unfurled fan. The radiating lines, which are thickly encrusted with sapphire blue rhinestones, form the spokes of the fan while the panels of delicate openwork set between represent the leaf. The design is topped off by a series of rhinestone encrusted disks.

Picture 9 is taken from a contemporary French fashion magazine called EROS and shows a model wearing a similar oversized hair comb at a jaunty angle. There is one rhinestone missing on the right of the heading.

The comb has also been repaired at some time in the past by stabilising two of the roundels on the edge. This is only visible from the back.

Size: 7 x 7½ ins; (approx 18 x 19 cms)


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Openwork Comb with “Fountain of Youth” Design

Ref: DE-1008-019

In the heading of this shiny black comb we have a stylised representation of another iconic Art Deco motif, which is often called the “fountain of youth”.  The curving lines in the centre of the heading suggest jets of cascading water similar to that of a fountain. The final picture shows how these large combs were often placed at an asymmetric angle and derives from an engraving in a fashion magazine dated 1923.

One of the most interesting things about early synthetic combs was the way in which contrasting colours could be superimposed upon one another in a manner known as celluloid overlay. They were produced in a two-tone casting whereby a core of one colour is overlaid upon a shell of another. This effect is best seen around the edges of the design and the tips of the tines.

Size: 6 x 7 ins (approx 15 x 17.5 cms)


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French Ivory Hair Comb Tall Asymmetric Openwork

Ref: DE-1401-018

This spectacular and very large comb is made from ivory coloured celluloid which is sometimes called French ivory. The heading is a very tall asymmetric wedge shape, inclined to the left. In the centre is an openwork panel surrounded by a double border of floral motifs. The comb has a very strong geometric feel despite the use of these naturalistic motifs, which reveal some lingering Art Nouveau influence.

This tall, asymmetric wedge shape is typical of the period. Many of these Art Deco combs are geometric forms for a very powerful effect. The strong shapes show a deep appreciation and understanding of the potential of the material, whether plastic, metal or organic.

Combs like this were worn as shown in the final picture which is taken from a contemporary magazine advertisement 1920s. We can see that the female models are wearing combs with similar high headings. The ornaments are typically placed standing proud of the head and at an acute angle so that the beauty of the design was visible from all angles.

Size: 8½ ins h x 3½ ins w (22 x 9 cms)


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